Zoopla unveils updated branding and enhanced functionality

Jake Carter

April 15, 2021

zoopla branding

Zoopla has unveiled an update to its branding, including a new logo, as well as a range of features and enhancements to its functionality.

This includes the launch of My Home, a hub for homeowners which provides them with insights and the ability to track the value of their home.

This will allow homeowners to stay on top of the worth of their property, as well as follow expertise and connect with relevant agent partners.

Alongside My Home, Zoopla is making changes to its homepage and individual property detail pages, as well as making updates to its app.

Andy Marshall, chief commercial officer of Zoopla, said: “When we announced our Vision back in January, we were clear that we would put customers at the heart of everything we do and to stimulate the market for their benefit.

“The improvements we are announcing today live up to that commitment.

“They are the result of millions of pounds of investment and thousands of hours of work looking at exactly what will deliver the best results for agents, housebuilders and homemovers alike.

“Rather than rest on our laurels and surf on the wave of a busy market we have used this time to deliver fundamental improvements to the experience of using Zoopla.

“My Home is unique and this, combined with the raft of other changes we are making, will generate long-term value for agents, encouraging homeowners to realise the potential of their homes and use them as a springboard to reach their goals.”

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